HCA caregivers battled the deadly covid-19 virus,
and waves of flu and RSV. We have also fought against HCA’s corporate greed
for our patients and coworkers.
At HCA, the nation’s largest hospital corporation, caregivers are demanding:
Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us
Nurses. CNAs. Environmental Services.
Techs. and more.
When HCA uses short staffing to squeeze even more profits, it jeopardizes patient safety and puts workers at risk.
Champions for our patients. Advocates for our communities. HCA workers.
We are stronger together.
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We are frontline hospital workers calling on HCA to put patients and workers first.

180+ hospitals. 19 states. 60+ cities. HCA Healthcare is the largest for-profit healthcare system in the country—and the most profitable. In 2021, HCA earned more than $58.8 billion in revenue and nearly $7 billion in profits. HCA should not be allowed to shift profits out of our hospitals and into the pockets of corporate insiders and its largest shareholders — at the expense of patients and frontline workers.

New Report Exposes


What's really happening inside HCA facilities

Patient Care at Risk

Staffing levels at HCA hospitals are 30% lower than the national average, causing exhaustion and burnout among healthcare workers. Nearly 80% of surveyed HCA workers reported that short-staffing at their hospitals is jeopardizing patient care.

Potential billion Dollar Medicare Fraud

Earlier this year, Fortune Magazine and other media outlets reported that HCA may be admitting Medicare patients unnecessarily, straining already short-staffed HCA hospitals. HCA’s over-admissions may have netted over $1 billion in excess Medicare payments in just five years.


Poverty Wages for Frontline Heroes

HCA healthcare workers earn dismal wages – some of us are paid less than $15 per hour – as we risk our lives to care for our patients and families, while HCA executives bring home millions. In 2020, HCA CEO Sam Hazen earned $30 million—556 times more than the average HCA employee.

Backing Politicians Who Attack Public Health

HCA reportedly supports organizations and politicians who work against access to living wages, affordable healthcare, and voting rights for marginalized communities. HCA’s Florida Political Action Committees have funneled huge campaign dollars to right-wing PACs that give millions to Governor Ron DeSantis, who has fought against expanding Medicaid, fair voting, and LGBTQ rights.

Learn about patient care failures at your HCA hospital

Take Action Now.

The crises inside HCA hospitals have reached a breaking point. It’s time we hold the nation’s largest for-profit hospital chain accountable for putting profits over patients, dedicated caregivers, and responsible corporate behavior.

Join the movement of HCA healthcare workers standing up for our patients, for each other, and for our communities.