BNB3: Driving The Week

NBC News Spotlights Wage Inequality, Shocking Profits at Nation’s Largest For-Profit Hospital Corporation In a national NBC interview with Cynthia McFadden that aired on Wednesday, Jamelle Brown, an essential worker at an HCA hospital shared what it has been like working for poverty wages in a pandemic – and how he found hope in his… Continue reading BNB3: Driving The Week

BNB3: By The Numbers

HCA CEO Sam Hazen was paid $30.4 million last year, while HCA workers were paid poverty wages as low as $26,000 to care for patients in the pandemic. When frontline HCA hospital worker Jamelle Brown got sick with COVID-19 while working at his Kansas City HCA facility, HCA gave him a $6 coupon to recognize… Continue reading BNB3: By The Numbers

BNB2: Must Read Stories

Excess Medicare Admissions Scandal HCA has been forced to reconcile with their record on patient care, safety, and worker rights in the past week, as their latest expansion effort in a small town in Georgia became an unexpected lightning rod for major controversy. Becker’s Hospital Review – Union Warns Against HCA’s Purchase of Rural Georgia… Continue reading BNB2: Must Read Stories

BNB2: Driving the Week

New Television Ad Blasts HCA’s Record on Patient Care in Georgia A new television ad is running on all major cable channels across southeast Georgia, warning residents about the lagging standards at other HCA hospitals in the state and taking HCA to task for their record on patient care in Georgia. Watch the new ad… Continue reading BNB2: Driving the Week

BNB2: By The Numbers

HCA currently has nine hospitals in Georgia, and is attempting to purchase one more. Their hospitals in Georgia lagged the state average in staffing by 25% in 2019 and four out of six of their hospitals in southeast Georgia had patient injury and infection rates so high they were penalized by Medicare in the past… Continue reading BNB2: By The Numbers