Some workers at U.S. hospital giant HCA say it puts profits above patient care

A union study found HCA’s staffing levels were below the average for other hospitals in 19 of the 20 states where it provided care in 2020.

‘It’s Not a Lack of Ability — It’s an Absolute Lack of Will’: Why HCA Workers Are Demanding Better Staffing

Workers at the largest for-profit health system in the country, HCA Healthcare, have planned a rally for Thursday. The goal of the rally is to show HCA that its workers know how profitable the company is and that they won’t be able to tolerate poor staffing levels for much longer.

Workers to rally for increased staffing at HCA-owned hospitals

Monique Hernandez is used to being shortstaffed. As a registered nurse at Riverside Community Hospital, she’s often saddled with more patients than she can safely handle. The nurse-to-patient ratio in her telemetry unit is supposed to be 1-4 at the maximum, yet some days she handles as many as five.

Workers call on HCA to boost staffing at 150+ hospitals

Hundreds of members of the Service Employees International Union plan to rally Jan. 12 at West Hills (Calif.) Hospital and Medical Center over staffing at hospitals owned by Nashville, Tenn.-based HCA Healthcare, according to a union news release shared with Becker’s.

Why nurses say they are striking and quitting in droves

More than 7,000 union nurses went on strike in New York City this past week over concerns about understaffing and patient care. Workplace tensions are boiling over around the country this winter.

New Report Exposes Nationwide Staffing Crisis at America’s Largest Hospital Corporation

New analysis of federal data links HCA hospital staffing levels, which lag national average by 30%, to extreme worker burnout, patient care failures. Under-resourcing may boost HCA profits and corporate payouts by billions per year, while driving down standards for care.