A look into HCA’s troubling history of quality care breakdowns: Are unions the solution?

Bayonet Point isn’t the only HCA-owned hospital where standards for patient care may be seriously at risk. A new online tool uncovers documented quality violations at nearly every HCA-owned hospital across 19 states. 

Recent shocking examples:
  • Patient incinerates and dies from a defibrillator explosion on Thanksgiving while receiving treatment at TriStar Centennial Medical Center. 
  • Mayor Zeb Smathers of Canton, NC, filed a medical negligence lawsuit against Mission Hospital alleging that a delayed emergency c-section nearly killed his wife Ashley, and caused their son to develop cerebral palsy.  
  • NBC Bay Area investigative report from 2021 exposes Good Samaritan Hospital and Regional Medical Center (both in San Jose, CA) losing and mishandling patient bodies.
Research shows that health facilities with unions have better patient outcomes – but HCA may be squashing these efforts.

A recent investigation from the National Labor Relations Board found that Bayonet Point illegally threatened doctors involved in union activity with termination, the Tampa Bay Times reports.