We are healthcare workers at HCA-owned hospitals across California, Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada and Texas fighting for safer staffing, quality patient care, and good-paying union jobs at HCA Healthcare.

We are proud to be members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) which unites over 2 million service and healthcare workers like us.

We stand together for quality healthcare jobs and to make sure all families can get access to the care we all need to thrive, no matter what color skin we have, where we were born, or what ZIP code we live in.

Why We’re Taking Action

While America’s largest for-profit hospital corporation was turning near-record profits during the COVID-19 pandemic, HCA patients and frontline healthcare workers have paid the price.

We struggled to keep our patients, communities, co-workers, and families safe during the worst healthcare crisis of our lifetimes, while HCA’s profits soared.

We lost valued colleagues to COVID and faced burnout brought on by HCA’s preventable short-staffing crisis and unsafe working conditions.

We earn low frontline pay as little as $12.50/hr, making it hard to provide basic needs for our families. Despite this, CEO Sam Hazen and other executives at HCA are raking in millions.

HCA should not be allowed to put the greed of wealthy executives and shareholders over the needs of patients and frontline workers.

When hospitals do not invest in their workers, patient care suffers. That’s why we are taking action for change at HCA before it’s too late.

We are uniting with community partners, patient advocate groups, and elected leaders in our states to demand that HCA make quality patient care and staffing their top priorities.

The time is now for HCA to invest in safer staffing, improved working conditions, and fair wages for frontline workers so that we can provide the quality care that our patients deserve.

Stand With Us

Join the movement by sharing your HCA story.