HCA caregivers battled the deadly covid-19 virus,
and waves of flu and RSV. We have also fought against HCA’s corporate greed
for our patients and coworkers.
At HCA, the nation’s largest hospital corporation, caregivers are demanding:
Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us
Nurses. CNAs. Environmental Services.
Techs. and more.
When HCA uses short staffing to squeeze even more profits, it jeopardizes patient safety and puts workers at risk.
Champions for our patients. Advocates for our communities. HCA workers.
We are stronger together.
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Alleged Medicare Fraud

Elected Officials, Regulators and Communities Must Hold HCA Accountable!

The care crisis inside HCA hospitals has reached a tipping point. Elected officials, shareholders, and regulators must come together to shine a light on HCA’s conduct and ensure that taxpayer dollars are invested in frontline healthcare workers and patient care, not just enormous profits for their CEO and the Frist family.

  • Nurses and other hospital workers are exhausted and burned out due to understaffing at HCA hospitals. The corporation’s staffing levels lag the national average by 30%, and nearly 80% of survey respondents report short-staffing is jeopardizing patient care.

  • While COVID-19 continues to fill emergency rooms, a new report finds that HCA Healthcare may be admitting patients unnecessarily, draining already depleted staffing resources.

American taxpayers, patients, and frontline healthcare workers deserve better.

It’s time we hold the nation’s largest for-profit hospital chain accountable for engaging in practices that prioritize profits over patient care, working conditions, and responsible corporate behavior.

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