BNB10: By The Numbers

HCA trauma centers in Kansas charge on average nearly $46,000 more in trauma team fees than non-HCA trauma centers in the same state. That is nearly 15 times the trauma team fees of their competitors. It’s also nearly $20,000 more than the entire annual salary of tens of thousands of frontline HCA employees who receive poverty pay of $12.50/hour. A full 70% of the 10 largest hospitals with the worst markups nationwide are HCA hospitals, with markups of 13x to 10.6x above the cost of care.

HCA Hospitals Dominate List of Hospitals With Worst Bill Markups in America

Hospitalgraphs with the highest average bill markup

Multiple HCA hospitals topped a recent list by Axios for the worst markups among large hospitals in the country in a new expose . These findings come after HCA was exposed for suing 7,900 of their own patients in Colorado, and as communities across America continue to reel from the impacts of the global pandemic. HCA-owned hospitals comprised seven of the ten large hospitals nationwide with the most egregious patient care markups: HCA’s Chippenham Hospital in Virginia, Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center in Nevada, Las Palmas Medical Center in Texas, HCA Houston Healthcare Kingwood, Riverside Community Hospital in California, JFK Medical Center in Florida, and Medical City Dallas in Texas.