BNB11: By The Numbers

As the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare have announced increased penalties for hospitals that do not meet this year’s new pricing transparency requirements, reporting about trauma center costs has revealed deep disparities between HCA and other hospital chains. The data reveal HCA trauma centers typically charge $17,000 more per patient in trauma team fees than non-HCA trauma centers across 14 states nationwide. (Trauma fees are billed for patients, such as car accident or gunshot victims, determined by the hospital to need the specialized services of a trauma team.)

  • In Kansas, HCA’s average trauma team fee of $49,000 is nearly 15 times the non-HCA average.
  • In Louisiana, HCA’s average trauma team fee of $40,500 is more than 5 times the non-HCA average.
  • Meanwhile, as the largest HCA shareholders, the Frist family recently topped $20 Billion in personal wealth, an increase of nearly $5 billion since early March.

  • On an hourly basis, this is more than 400,000 times the earnings of of essential frontline healthcare workers in HCA facilities.
  • HCA has been repeatedly under fire in the past 18 months over concerns that their outsized focus on profits — which netted them a stunning $1.45 billion in profits during the second quarter of 2021 alone — has come at the cost of patient care.