BNB13: By The Numbers

Leadership troubles persist at HCA Healthcare, with the new Chief Medical Officer for HCA’s Good Samaritan Hospital announcing plans to resign their role effective this month - only 18 months into their tenure. The startling senior level resignation comes after HCA’s Associate Chief Nursing Officer resigned from their leadership role at the same hospital only 11 months in. This comes on the heels of two long-time Board of Director leaders resigning from HCA’s Mission Health/Transylvania Regional Hospital on September 20th - citing claims that since HCA acquired Mission Health, the Board has been shut out of any meaningful leadership and questioning the “very nature of a ‘for profit’ based hospital in Transylvania County.” Earlier this year, patients at this hospital were stunned by the mass exodus of 15 doctors and healthcare workers resigning en masse from Mission Health, also citing serious concerns about HCA’s management practices following the acquisition of their hospital.