BNB16: By The Numbers

A new national survey conducted across 6 states this winter revealed that 89% of responding HCA Healthcare nurses and frontline hospital workers agree short staffing at their hospital is jeopardizing patient care. Of these, 79% said they had personally witnessed patient care be impacted in their facility. For each additional patient a nurse cares for, the mortality rate of those in their care increases by 7%. The staffing crisis inside HCA hospitals has resulted in 63% of responding HCA nurses and healthcare workers reporting they feel forced to find new jobs or professions due to short staffing and burnout. With their national staffing levels already lagging the national average by nearly 30% before the pandemic1, HCA's staffing crisis reflects systemic failures to invest near-record profits into patient care.

Source: Analysis of Medicare Cost Report data. FTE Rate compares the number of staff (full time equivalents) to the volume of patients. The formula is: Full Time Equivalents/ (Adjusted Inpatient Days/ Days in period). The adjustment to inpatient days accounts for outpatient utilization at the facilities. These averages are weighted averages.