BNB16: Driving The Week

HCA workers across the country are speaking out on the patient care impacts they’ve witnessed due to HCA’s failure to prioritize safe staffing.
The following statements were reported by frontline HCA workers in a national survey analyzing HCA’s chronic short staffing practices between December 2021 – January 2022:
“I have seen nurses have two patients that need to be rapid coded at once and staffing is stretched too thin to cover both adequately. Nurses have high fall risk patients on my floor yet safety blocks are thrown out the window. We had 8 falls in one week due to short staffing and not being able to respond fast enough to bed alarms.”
“There are patients who can’t be fed because there is no aide and we are out of ratio. Meds are late. Patients are neglected when we have no aides.
“I have received a patient from the med surg unit requiring ICU level of care now because the floor RN who was out of ratio made a med error resulting in the patient being intubated, on vasopressors, & ultimately dying in our ICU.
“There have been multiple times where short staffing has jeopardized patient care. Most of the time when we bring this up to management we’re told “we’ll have you thought about your time management”, or “oh well what can we do”. As a full time team member that isn’t what I nor my peers want to hear. It’s not right and there’s many nurses/CNAs that I’ve personally have witnessed (SIC) leave because of it. It makes me think about leaving as well in hopes it will be better elsewhere. I love working here but there are times where it is terrible. Those terrible days are almost always due to it being short staffed. I have had rapid responses happen where patients health have declined and I wasn’t able to monitor them they way they needed to and also I’ve had a patient die before while having too many patients to take care of.”