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Advocates Ring Alarm on Holliday's Fitness as Chairman of Audit and Compliance Committee

Ahead of the annual HCA shareholder meeting in Nashville, frontline healthcare workers and investor advocates are urging shareholders to vote against Charles O. Holliday, Jr., for chairman of the Audit and Compliance Committee. They argue that $1 billion in Medicare overpayments may have resulted from HCA’s unorthodox Emergency Room practices. HCA’s hospitals may have admitted tens of thousands of ER patients as inpatients unnecessarily each year -- a finding that advocates say could signal fraudulent practices at the company and should disqualify Holliday from heading compliance efforts.

Nashville Patients Advised of Potential Medicare Fraud at HCA

HCA patients across Nashville have begun receiving informative mailers alerting them to potentially unnecessary emergency department admissions. The educational mail pieces provide a way for patients to take action if they think they or their families may have received unnecessary medical services.