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'We continue to be appalled that a corporation that pays $30 million to (its) CEO hasn’t established $15 (per hour) as a starting wage for its workers across the nation., said Elsa Caballero, president of SEIU Texas, in a recent statement.

Caballero pointed to HCA's large profits and Hazen's multimillion-dollar compensation as reasons that HCA should be paying workers higher wages, especially, she said, with the difficulties they faced in the pandemic.

HCA's profit increased 7.1% to $3.75 billion last year, and Hazen’s total compensation, including company stock awards, increased 13.5% to $30.4 million, HCA financial reports show.

Also, Las Palmas and Del Sol reported a combined profit of $133.7 million in fiscal year 2019, according to the latest available Medicare cost reports reviewed by SEIU.

The public had a lot of questions during an April 7 virtual meeting regarding Mission Health’s services and operations since being bought by for-profit HCA Healthcare in 2019. Unfortunately, Gibbins Advisors — the independent monitor hired to ensure HCA fulfills its contractual obligations — couldn’t provide them with many answers.

...Members of the public had many questions and concerns about Mission’s practices under HCA ownership. People had questions about the charity care policy under HCA. In the purchase agreement, HCA committed to maintain the agreed upon uninsured and charity care policy for 10 years.

.One person at the virtual meeting claimed that HCA was requiring people to pay costs upfront even though they had applied for — and would likely get approved for — charity care services. If the person can’t pay upfront, their surgery or other services would be canceled.

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Tens of thousands of frontline hospital workers are being paid poverty wages of less than $26,000 a year by HCA, even as they care for patients amidst a pandemic and HCA made over $3.75 billion in profits last year. Click here to take action.