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Harrowing Patient Care Stories Emerge From HCA’s Mission Hospital in North Carolina

Bone-chilling stories of what locals argue are systemic patient care failings have emerged from HCA’s troubled Mission Hospital in North Carolina. In the past week, a number of HCA patients have come forward to blow the whistle on the shockingly poor quality of care they received at the hospital HCA purchased in 2019.
One patient reported being forced to soil herself while staying as a patient at the hospital, after her calls for assistance using the bathroom while suffering a broken hip went unheeded. A second patient who spoke out shared her experience of being forced to lay alone in the emergency room for six hours without pain medication, water, or any contact from a medical professional.
These fresh patient testimonials are just the latest in an outpouring of criticism over the impacts of HCA’s cost cutting on patient care — and of patient care standards falling in hospitals after HCA acquisition.