BNBSE: Fortune/Report Release Special Edition


An explosive newly-released investigative report offers detailed new research indicating that HCA Healthcare’s long and troubled history with Medicare fraud may continue to the present day, and may be bilking millions out of taxpayers.

News of the report broke in a national media story by Fortune Magazine chronicling the troubling allegations against HCA, the nation’s largest hospital chain. Fortune Magazine: A labor union is accusing America’s biggest hospital chain of Medicare fraud—and stoking a debate over for-profit medicine and soaring health care costs.


“I’ve personally witnessed the chaos created when too many patients are admitted into the hospital, increasing the patient load of nurses who are already overburdened,” said Jannette Latunski, a nurse who worked at Los Robles Regional Medical Center during the time-period covered in the investigation. “I’m shocked to learn that this is a systemic problem in HCA hospitals across the nation. If this is an intentional business practice, it should be investigated by regulators. We can’t afford to keep putting ourselves and our patients in danger.”

“HCA should be prioritizing investing in patient care and safety inside their hospitals right now, not squeezing even higher profit margins at the cost of all of us,” said Jody Domenick, an RN at HCA’s Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas. “The crisis inside HCA’s hospitals predates the pandemic, but the consequences of their failure to protect patients and healthcare workers has never been more dangerous.”


HCA: Higher Healthcare Costs for America SEIU

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