BNBSE: Fortune/Report Release Special Edition

BREAKING NEWS An explosive newly-released investigative report offers detailed new research indicating that HCA Healthcare’s long and troubled history with Medicare fraud may continue to the present day, and may be bilking millions out of taxpayers. News of the report broke in a national media story by Fortune Magazine chronicling the troubling allegations against HCA,… Continue reading BNBSE: Fortune/Report Release Special Edition

BNB16: Must Read Stories

Bloomberg: Omicron and Hospital Overcrowding Make for a Deadly Combination Overcrowding kills,” said Sameer Kadri, an intensive-care physician at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center. Kadri was the lead researcher on a landmark study that found early in the pandemic that Covid patients’ risk of dying rose where hospital staff was strained by high… Continue reading BNB16: Must Read Stories

BNB16: Driving The Week

HCA workers across the country are speaking out on the patient care impacts they’ve witnessed due to HCA’s failure to prioritize safe staffing. The following statements were reported by frontline HCA workers in a national survey analyzing HCA’s chronic short staffing practices between December 2021 – January 2022:“I have seen nurses have two patients that… Continue reading BNB16: Driving The Week

BNB16: By The Numbers

A new national survey conducted across 6 states this winter revealed that 89% of responding HCA Healthcare nurses and frontline hospital workers agree short staffing at their hospital is jeopardizing patient care. Of these, 79% said they had personally witnessed patient care be impacted in their facility. For each additional patient a nurse cares for,… Continue reading BNB16: By The Numbers

BNBSE: Driving The Week

A scathing new op-ed in the Salt Lake City Tribune reveals the dangerous risk posed by HCA’s latest acquisition attempt, which targets 5 hospitals in Utah’s largest medical market. Written by Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Utah and Senior Fellow at the Jain Family Institute, Marshall Steinbaum, the op-ed affirms that the… Continue reading BNBSE: Driving The Week

BNBSE: Must Read Stories

Salt Lake City Tribune: Hospital sales would put Utah’s health care in jeopardy As an economist who has studied monopolies and market power extensively, HCA’s attempted takeover of Steward Healthcare should be a major cause of concern for everyone in our state — patients, insurers, employers and frontline health care workers. Research has shown that… Continue reading BNBSE: Must Read Stories

BNB15: Must Read Stories

11/29/21: MedPage Today Orthopedic Surgery Group Sabotages Residency Program, Lawsuit Allegeshortages In a lawsuit filed November 11, orthopedic surgeon Scott Duncan, MD, accused OrthoSC, a South Carolina-based orthopedic group, of intentionally sabotaging a residency program in the making in order to preserve its monopoly. Along with OrthoSC, Myrtle Beach’s Grand Strand Regional Medical Center (GSRMC),… Continue reading BNB15: Must Read Stories

BNB15: By The Numbers

Despite Historic Healthcare Staffing Crisis, HCA Racks Up Massive Profits As a continuing example of HCA’s seemingly relentless drive for profit, last week, the total shareholder return for HCA Healthcare investors skyrocketed to 225% over the last five years. While corporate profits soar, staffing at HCA hospitals are far below national averages and HCA healthcare… Continue reading BNB15: By The Numbers

BNB14: Must Read Stories

10/29/21: San Jose Inside: Regional Medical Center Nurses Protest Impact of Staffing Shortages This week, nurses at Regional Medical Center rallied outside the hospital, demanding better working conditions and more staffing and complaining about big profits at the Good Samaritan system’s owner, HCA Healthcare. At the Oct. 25 rally, nurses accused the hospital of violating… Continue reading BNB14: Must Read Stories

BNB14: By The Numbers

HCA Healthcare recently reported that it made $2.27 billion in profits in the three-month period that ended Sept. 30, tripling their profits from the same period last year. The record profits coincided with the deadly summer surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations caused by the Delta variant and the company’s ongoing staffing crisis. An Ashville Watchdog noted… Continue reading BNB14: By The Numbers