BNB16: By The Numbers

A new national survey conducted across 6 states this winter revealed that 89% of responding HCA Healthcare nurses and frontline hospital workers agree short staffing at their hospital is jeopardizing patient care. Of these, 79% said they had personally witnessed patient care be impacted in their facility. For each additional patient a nurse cares for,… Continue reading BNB16: By The Numbers

BNB15: By The Numbers

Despite Historic Healthcare Staffing Crisis, HCA Racks Up Massive Profits As a continuing example of HCA’s seemingly relentless drive for profit, last week, the total shareholder return for HCA Healthcare investors skyrocketed to 225% over the last five years. While corporate profits soar, staffing at HCA hospitals are far below national averages and HCA healthcare… Continue reading BNB15: By The Numbers

BNB14: By The Numbers

HCA Healthcare recently reported that it made $2.27 billion in profits in the three-month period that ended Sept. 30, tripling their profits from the same period last year. The record profits coincided with the deadly summer surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations caused by the Delta variant and the company’s ongoing staffing crisis. An Ashville Watchdog noted… Continue reading BNB14: By The Numbers

BNB13: By The Numbers

Leadership troubles persist at HCA Healthcare, with the new Chief Medical Officer for HCA’s Good Samaritan Hospital announcing plans to resign their role effective this month – only 18 months into their tenure. The startling senior level resignation comes after HCA’s Associate Chief Nursing Officer resigned from their leadership role at the same hospital only… Continue reading BNB13: By The Numbers

BNB11: By The Numbers

As the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare have announced increased penalties for hospitals that do not meet this year’s new pricing transparency requirements, reporting about trauma center costs has revealed deep disparities between HCA and other hospital chains. The data reveal HCA trauma centers typically charge $17,000 more per patient in trauma team fees than… Continue reading BNB11: By The Numbers

BNB10: By The Numbers

HCA trauma centers in Kansas charge on average nearly $46,000 more in trauma team fees than non-HCA trauma centers in the same state. That is nearly 15 times the trauma team fees of their competitors. It’s also nearly $20,000 more than the entire annual salary of tens of thousands of frontline HCA employees who receive… Continue reading BNB10: By The Numbers

BNB9: By The Numbers

Frist Wealth Sky Rockets While Tens of Thousands of HCA Workers Live in Poverty In the past week, the personal wealth of HCA founders and largest shareholders, the Frists, climbed to more than $17.5 billion as of June 10—an increase of over $10 billion dollars since the pandemic began last spring. That’s a roughly $4… Continue reading BNB9: By The Numbers

BNB8: By The Numbers

In the past week, the personal wealth of HCA founders and largest shareholders, the Frists, increased to $17.9 billion — an increase of over $2 billion dollars only two months after being named the pandemic’s worst healthcare profiteers. Nearly 15 months into the pandemic, HCA continues to pay frontline healthcare heroes poverty wages as low… Continue reading BNB8: By The Numbers

BNB7: By The Numbers

In the past two weeks, more than 933,180 Nashville patients and community members were reached in a major public information campaign on HCA’s alleged Medicare fraud which may have netted them $1 billion in potential overpayments from Medicare. The Frist family, HCA’s largest shareholders and founders, had their personal wealth increase by $1.6 billion in… Continue reading BNB7: By The Numbers

BNB6: By The Numbers

The wealth of the Frist family, HCA’s founders and largest shareholders, recently surpassed $17 billion – a more than $1.5 billion increase in just two months when an independent report listed their wealth as of March 2021 at $15.6 billion and named them healthcare’s worst pandemic profiteers. Tens of thousands of frontline HCA healthcare workers… Continue reading BNB6: By The Numbers