BNB5: By The Numbers

Yesterday, a senior nurse with 19 years of service at her HCA hospital presented Proposal 5 at the annual HCA shareholder meeting, to tie executive pay — like CEO Sam Hazen’s $30 million salary — to patient care outcomes. The Frist family’s wealth recently passed $16 billion after more than doubling during the pandemic, while… Continue reading BNB5: By The Numbers

BNB4: By The Numbers

Recent evidence that HCA may have reaped $1 billion in potential overpayments from Medicare from 2014 to 2018 calls into question Charles O. Holliday, Jr.’s fitness for Chairman of the Audit and Compliance Committee. HCA was investigated in the 1990s by the U.S. Department of Justice for healthcare fraud, pleading guilty to 14 criminal counts… Continue reading BNB4: By The Numbers

BNB3: By The Numbers

HCA CEO Sam Hazen was paid $30.4 million last year, while HCA workers were paid poverty wages as low as $26,000 to care for patients in the pandemic. When frontline HCA hospital worker Jamelle Brown got sick with COVID-19 while working at his Kansas City HCA facility, HCA gave him a $6 coupon to recognize… Continue reading BNB3: By The Numbers

BNB2: By The Numbers

HCA currently has nine hospitals in Georgia, and is attempting to purchase one more. Their hospitals in Georgia lagged the state average in staffing by 25% in 2019 and four out of six of their hospitals in southeast Georgia had patient injury and infection rates so high they were penalized by Medicare in the past… Continue reading BNB2: By The Numbers

BNB1: By The Numbers

Nurses and frontline workers at 30 HCA hospitals across America held their eighth week of consecutive protests against the hospital giant today, citing poverty wages, unsafe working conditions, and disrespect in their workplaces. Tens of thousands of frontline HCA nurses and hospital workers are paid less than $15 an hour in the pandemic, with wages… Continue reading BNB1: By The Numbers