BNB16: Driving The Week

HCA workers across the country are speaking out on the patient care impacts they’ve witnessed due to HCA’s failure to prioritize safe staffing. The following statements were reported by frontline HCA workers in a national survey analyzing HCA’s chronic short staffing practices between December 2021 – January 2022:“I have seen nurses have two patients that… Continue reading BNB16: Driving The Week

BNBSE: Driving The Week

A scathing new op-ed in the Salt Lake City Tribune reveals the dangerous risk posed by HCA’s latest acquisition attempt, which targets 5 hospitals in Utah’s largest medical market. Written by Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Utah and Senior Fellow at the Jain Family Institute, Marshall Steinbaum, the op-ed affirms that the… Continue reading BNBSE: Driving The Week

BNB10: Driving The Week

HCA’s Trauma Center Fees are Leaving Patients in Shock In the past week, HCA has come under fire in Nashville, Miami, Richmond, Georgia, and nationally for what reporters are describing as a systemic and far reaching “money grab” scheme based on trauma fees. New reporting has discovered that HCA’s trauma centers charge significantly higher fees… Continue reading BNB10: Driving The Week

BNB9: Driving The Week

Tennessee Community Groups Warn of HCA’s Impact in Attempted Acquisition This past week, a number of community groups have sounded the alarm over HCA’s bid to purchase Northcrest Health, a non-profit hospital chain near Springfield Tennessee. In a letter to Attorney General Slattery, they raised serious concerns over HCA’s chronic understaffing and overcharging practices. HCA’s… Continue reading BNB9: Driving The Week

BNB8: Driving The Week

Harrowing Patient Care Stories Emerge From HCA’s Mission Hospital in North Carolina Bone-chilling stories of what locals argue are systemic patient care failings have emerged from HCA’s troubled Mission Hospital in North Carolina. In the past week, a number of HCA patients have come forward to blow the whistle on the shockingly poor quality of… Continue reading BNB8: Driving The Week

BNB7: Driving The Week

HCA Celebrates May 2021 Nurses’ Week by Paying Their Healthcare Heroes Poverty Wages, Failing to Invest in Safe Staffing Levels America’s largest hospital corporation, HCA, chose to commemorate the nationwide observation of 2021 Nurses’ Week from May 6 to May 12 by rewarding tens of thousands of frontline healthcare professionals with poverty wages. As frontline… Continue reading BNB7: Driving The Week

BNB6: Driving The Week

Local Officials Seek State Intervention after Doctor Exodus Following HCA Takeover in Asheville, NC Brevard, North Carolina, has become the latest flashpoint in the fallout of an HCA takeover. The Brevard City Council has sent a letter to the North Carolina Attorney General’s office seeking a formal review by the state into whether or not… Continue reading BNB6: Driving The Week

BNB5: Driving The Week

Nation’s Largest Union of Healthcare Workers Take the Fight for PPE and Higher Wages to HCA Healthcare’s Hometown The morning of HCA’s annual shareholder meeting, the largest union representing frontline healthcare workers, SEIU, launched a major ad blitz in Nashville, Tennessee, blasting HCA for its staggering pay inequity and educating the public on HCA’s alleged… Continue reading BNB5: Driving The Week

BNB4: Driving The Week

Advocates Ring Alarm on Holliday’s Fitness as Chairman of Audit and Compliance Committee Ahead of the annual HCA shareholder meeting in Nashville, frontline healthcare workers and investor advocates are urging shareholders to vote against Charles O. Holliday, Jr., for chairman of the Audit and Compliance Committee. They argue that $1 billion in Medicare overpayments may… Continue reading BNB4: Driving The Week

BNB3: Driving The Week

NBC News Spotlights Wage Inequality, Shocking Profits at Nation’s Largest For-Profit Hospital Corporation In a national NBC interview with Cynthia McFadden that aired on Wednesday, Jamelle Brown, an essential worker at an HCA hospital shared what it has been like working for poverty wages in a pandemic – and how he found hope in his… Continue reading BNB3: Driving The Week