BNB13: Must Read Stories

9/21/21: Hospital administrators, including in Jacksonville, ask lawmakers for help amid staffing crisis As the Delta variant continues to surge across Florida, putting public health, healthcare workers, and our health system at their max, HCA hospital administrators spoke to members of the Florida state legislature last week in a conversation meant to address the… Continue reading BNB13: Must Read Stories

BNB13: By The Numbers

Leadership troubles persist at HCA Healthcare, with the new Chief Medical Officer for HCA’s Good Samaritan Hospital announcing plans to resign their role effective this month – only 18 months into their tenure. The startling senior level resignation comes after HCA’s Associate Chief Nursing Officer resigned from their leadership role at the same hospital only… Continue reading BNB13: By The Numbers

HCA Under Fire in California

HCA Under Fire in California: Multiple CA HCA facilities, including Good Samaritan, once again in the news. Company admits to “losing and mishandling” patient bodies. HCA Healthcare (NYSE:HCA) is the largest for-profit hospital corporation in America, and it has become a flashpoint for controversy regarding their systemic failings during the pandemic, their predatory local practices,… Continue reading HCA Under Fire in California

BNB11: By The Numbers

As the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare have announced increased penalties for hospitals that do not meet this year’s new pricing transparency requirements, reporting about trauma center costs has revealed deep disparities between HCA and other hospital chains. The data reveal HCA trauma centers typically charge $17,000 more per patient in trauma team fees than… Continue reading BNB11: By The Numbers

Union Group Flags Excessive Admissions at HCA

Becker’s Hospital Review: How HCA’s trauma activation fees compare across 14 states Nashville, Tenn.-based HCA Healthcare’s average activation fees can be up to $50,000 per patient View the full report here. Becker’s Hospital Review: HCA New Hampshire hospital loses 12 physicians as interim CEO takes helm “Twelve of 14 primary care physicians on staff have… Continue reading Union Group Flags Excessive Admissions at HCA

BNB10: Must Read Stories

Kaiser Health News: In Alleged Health Care ‘Money Grab,’ Nation’s Largest Hospital Chain Cashes in on Trauma Centers After falling from a ladder and cutting his arm, Ed Knight said, he found himself at Richmond, Virginia’s Chippenham Hospital surrounded by nearly a dozen doctors, nurses and technicians — its crack “trauma team” charged with saving… Continue reading BNB10: Must Read Stories

BNB10: Driving The Week

HCA’s Trauma Center Fees are Leaving Patients in Shock In the past week, HCA has come under fire in Nashville, Miami, Richmond, Georgia, and nationally for what reporters are describing as a systemic and far reaching “money grab” scheme based on trauma fees. New reporting has discovered that HCA’s trauma centers charge significantly higher fees… Continue reading BNB10: Driving The Week

BNB10: By The Numbers

HCA trauma centers in Kansas charge on average nearly $46,000 more in trauma team fees than non-HCA trauma centers in the same state. That is nearly 15 times the trauma team fees of their competitors. It’s also nearly $20,000 more than the entire annual salary of tens of thousands of frontline HCA employees who receive… Continue reading BNB10: By The Numbers

BNB9: Must Read Stories

Becker’s Hospital Review: HCA’s bid for Tennessee hospital should be reviewed, labor groups urge AG Tennessee should review HCA Healthcare’s proposed purchase of Springfield, Tenn.-based NorthCrest Health, labor and union groups wrote in a letter to state Attorney General Herbert Slatery. At the end of March, Nashville, Tenn.-based HCA said it would purchase NorthCrest. Under… Continue reading BNB9: Must Read Stories

BNB9: Driving The Week

Tennessee Community Groups Warn of HCA’s Impact in Attempted Acquisition This past week, a number of community groups have sounded the alarm over HCA’s bid to purchase Northcrest Health, a non-profit hospital chain near Springfield Tennessee. In a letter to Attorney General Slattery, they raised serious concerns over HCA’s chronic understaffing and overcharging practices. HCA’s… Continue reading BNB9: Driving The Week