“Prevention … doesn’t make money.” HCA’s Long History of Putting Profit First

Dr. Irving Kent Loh recently spoke out about HCA asking him to move his cardiovascular disease prevention center, Ventura Heart Institute (VHI), off hospital premises years ago.

New Legal Troubles for HCA-Mission

Mayor Zeb Smathers of Canton, NC, and his family recently filed a medical negligence lawsuit against HCA’s Mission Hospital which alleges a near five-hour wait…

A Look Into The Care Burnout Crisis at HCA

According to a recent Hospital I.Q. survey of RNs across the country, low pay and difficult working conditions are causing…

HCA’s motion to dismiss NC lawsuit fails

An antitrust lawsuit filed against HCA in North Carolina will move forward. HCA had filed a motion to dismiss the case, initiated last year by several Asheville residents.

Rep. Pascrell calls for investigation of HCA ED admissions

In a letter to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Congressman Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) – Chairman of the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Oversight, calls on HHS to investigate HCA’s emergency department admissions…

NC hospital assoc. allegedly lobbied against Medicaid expansion to keep competition out

HCA’s Mission Health is a member of North Carolina Healthcare Association (NCHA), which was recently exposed for blocking a state Senate bill to expand Medicaid to protect the state’s Certificate of Need (CoN) regulations.

New CO law cracks down on hospitals violating pricing transparency regs

A new CO law went into effect this month that prohibits hospitals from pursuing debt collection from patients if the hospital failed to comply with federal pricing transparency rules at the time of providing care.

New FTC paper warns against COPA laws, cites Mission Health merger

A recent FTC policy paper warns states that hospital mergers permitted under certificates of public advantage (COPAs) have resulted in…

Frontline Workers Speak Out

Kerry Cavazos of SEIU 121RN informs investors about the crises and fight for change at HCA hospitals.

“Greedflation” At HCA

Millions for Executives, Poverty Wages for Frontline Heroes