Billions that could be used to improve working conditions and patient care at HCA facilities are being funneled into the pockets of wealthy executives and HCA’s inner circle of investors. The Frist family has amassed a multibillion-dollar fortune, largely from its holdings in HCA.

HCA’s corporate greed is leaving frontline healthcare workers like us struggling to survive and provide quality care; exhausted from short-staffing, and fed up with being ignored. But for our patients and our coworkers, we choose to fight back.

Our strength lies in numbers. The more of us who join together to speak up and take action to hold HCA accountable, the more successful we will be at getting HCA to put patients and dedicated frontline workers first.

About HCA

  • HCA owns about 180+ hospitals across 19 states, making it the largest hospital chain in the United States.

  • In 2021, HCA reported profits of $7 billion.

  • Despite this, HCA pays tens of thousands of frontline workers poverty wages as low as $12.50/hour.

  • Staffing levels at HCA facilities lag the national average by 30%.

  • In just five years, HCA’s alleged unnecessary admissions of Medicare patients appear to have netted them over $1 billion in excess Medicare payments.

The Union Difference in Healthcare

We must protect the existence and power of union workers at HCA. Unions allow healthcare workers to negotiate fair contracts that guarantee safe working conditions and higher pay, which helps promote quality patient care. A 2016 study from the University of Maryland found that hospitals with unionized staff reported higher job satisfaction and better patient outcomes.

A 2022 study by Health Affairs reveals how the presence of unions in healthcare settings saves patients’ lives and keeps workers safe. The study found that nursing homes with unionized workers had lower resident mortality and lower worker infection rates during the pandemic.

The Right To Organize

Since taking over as CEO of HCA Healthcare in 2019, Sam Hazen has made it his mission to weaken the collective voice of HCA nurses and hospital staff who are members of SEIU. Under Hazen’s leadership, frontline caregivers have faced disrespect, poverty wages, and dangerous working conditions, and our attempts to challenge the problems we face have been met with intimidation and union-busting.

Our right to organize is protected by the National Labor Relations Act — a right that can not be taken away by Hazen or anyone else.

Join Us

We are proud of the work we do every day under incredibly challenging circumstances to care for and heal our patients, stand up for our coworkers, provide for our families, and defend access to quality health care for all.

Together, we are organizing for justice at HCA. Learn more about the SEIU local at your facility and become a member today.