Frontline Workers Speak Out

Last month, Kerry Cavazos, SEIU 121RN member and a registered nurse at HCA’s Riverside Community Hospital, spoke to a group of influential investors about the ongoing crises of understaffing, low pay, and poor working conditions at HCA facilities.

“Nurses and frontline workers at HCA hospitals like mine struggled throughout the worst public health crisis in generations to keep our patients, communities, co-workers, and families safe, while HCA made enormous profits.”

“In July 2020, nurses went on strike at my HCA-owned hospital. At the height of the pandemic, we were sharing PPE, reusing PPE, or just going without – all to save HCA money. Coworkers died. Working parents left. People with vulnerable family members left. The travel nurses went where the money went. HCA was cutting every corner possible, doing things we believed were unacceptable to save money.”

Kerry is one of thousands of SEIU members at HCA-owned facilities fighting for safer staffing, quality patient care, and higher pay on the frontlines.

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