The Demand for Transparency

Frontline healthcare workers at HCA took action at this year’s HCA Healthcare Annual Shareholder Meeting to demand improved transparency from HCA.

Workers introduced key shareholder resolutions that would require the company to improve reporting around political spending and lobbying and urged fellow shareholders to vote in favor of these proposals.

HCA reportedly supports organizations and politicians who work against access to living wages, affordable healthcare, and voting rights for marginalized communities:

  • The corporation sits on the board of American Hospitals Association and Federation of American Hospitals and reportedly belongs to the US Chamber of Commerce which together spent $108,848,466 on lobbying in 2020.
  • HCA’s Florida Political Action Committees have funneled huge campaign dollars to right-wing PACs that give millions to Governor Ron DeSantis, who has fought against expanding Medicaid, fair voting, and LGBTQ rights.
  • HCA supports organizations like the Partnership for America’s Healthcare Future—as a mega coalition in the healthcare industry devoted to killing single payer and public option proposals.

Frontline caregivers, patients, and shareholders deserve the truth about how the nation’s largest for-profit hospital corporation and recipient of Medicare and Medicaid funding may be using taxpayer dollars to influence harmful legislative and political actions, instead of investing in safe staffing and quality patient care.  

Xochitl Gonzalez, member of SEIU-UHW and CNA at Los Robles Medical Center, played a key role in taking a stand to demand more transparency. Listen to her statement, here.